Communication Audits


Is your communication plan working for you?

You're talking, but is your audience listening? Is your message on point? Are you converting your audience to donors and customers? Does each of your messages have a call to action? Letters, emails, social media, newsletters-- there are just so many avenues to reach your specific audiences. Are you struggling with those numerous channels to reach them effectively? If your multiple streams of messages aren't on point and working to attain your goals, it may be time to take a step back and look at the big picture.

As you grow your business or organization, your audience should grow with it. Your communications plan should be assessed periodically to satisfy both your external and internal audiences. This will help determine which of your communications tools are working well and which ones need attention. 

In most cases, there are five steps involved in a communication audit:

1.) We analyze all of your internal and external communications vehicles

Working in partnership with you, we will assemble samples of all of your communications tools such as newsletters, press releases, your website, blogs, and social media platforms. To determine effectiveness, we will look at accessibility, reach, and timing of messages. For social media, we'll look at learn which of the platforms are performing well and which are challenged. Overall, we'll analyze whether your audiences are receiving your key messages and whether they are missing out on important communication from your company or organization.

2.) We'll solicit feedback from your internal audience

We'll talk to your leadership team and collect feedback from your employees. Using surveys, interviews, and focus groups, our goal is to affirm your audience's vision of an ideal strategy, identify concerns, and determine best roles in the communications process. 

3.) We'll collect and analyze data about how you are publicly perceived

It's important to understand how you are perceived by the public. We'll collect and review how you are covered in traditional media recognized in social media channels. We need to understand what your external audience knows about you, says about you, and shares with others about you.

4.) Let's do a SWOC analysis

Using all of the collected data, we'll perform a SWOC (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges) analysis of your communications efforts. 

The SWOC analysis will help to determine:

  • which methods work well and are helping you achieve your goals
  • which ones do not work well and are in need of change to attain your goals
  • opportunities that you can take advantage of to improve your efforts
  • what is challenging you to effectively communicate with all of your audiences

5.) We'll recommend adjustments to your communications plan

After we've completed the SWOC analysis, it's time to act on its findings. We'll provide you with recommendations and guidance on best completing those changes with the goals or mission of your business or organization in mind. At the conclusion, Peter Hanney Communications will offer to help you complete any of the the recommendations that you may need assistance with.

A communications audit should be performed every few years, when new goals are introduced, or when a change in your mission is planned.