Writing Services



Your written words are as important as what you do

Every single written piece that your business or organization sends out to your internal and external audiences is instantly judged, for better or for worse. A letter, email, advertisement, or social media post needs to be well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Word choice is important, too, so that you are perceived as the expert in your particular area. With two decades of experience in writing for diverse audiences, we are positioned and ready to assist you with any type of writing assignment. We don't consider a job finished until our clients are completely satisfied with their final product.

Press releases and announcements

News stories are more credible than advertisements

Research shows that one news story written about your organization is much more credible than a similar-sized paid advertisement and has over five times the number of readers. Eighty-nine percent of Americans agree that reading about a company in the news is more influential and credible than reading a company’s ads. With this knowledge, it's important to make sure your news and announcements are concise, informative, and well written. Of course, maintaining good relationships with and outreach to local, regional, and national news organizations helps. 

We're happy to assist you with writing compelling news stories and announcements that will get picked up by the press and to leverage our media relationships on your behalf. 

Writing for the Web

Web writing is scanned, not read

A common mistake that businesses and organizations make is write as if they are targeting the reader of a printed piece. When writing for a website, the writer should treat the reader like a hunter. After all, they are not reading your web pages-- they are hunting for information. Most website visitors are scanning for words that pique their interest. 

Let us write your web pages in a style that quickly gives the visitor what they are looking for, while instilling a call to action.

Social media management

Everyone is an expert...or so we're told

Anyone who tells you that they are an expert in social media is probably stretching the truth a bit. A true expert is almost impossible in an industry that changes so fast every week. That's not to say you don't know HOW to use social media for your business or organization. The fact that you get help from your fans in gaining followers, who may also amplify your messages by sharing, makes this platform so very enticing. 

Are you using a particular platform because YOU like it? Is it where your potential customers are? You may like to use Facebook and Instagram, but are your best fans on those platforms? Do you really need to be on SnapChat, YouTube, and Twitter? 

This is where a communications audit may help you target your social media posts on your base or future customers and supporters. Once we determine where you should be in the social media field, we can manage your social media accounts to continue to build your business or organization's credibility.

Campaign letters and emails

How do you get your letter or email to stand out from the crowd?

Every donation appeal letter should thank, inform, and ask: 

  • Thank your reader for past support
  • Inform your reader of the need for another donation AND a solution to this need
  • Ask them to contribute (again) - This is your Call To Action

Of course, you should include a specific example of how your reader has made a difference in the past. Make them the hero in your letter!

For emails, especially ones asking for donations, acknowledging past support, or simply updating on progress to a campaign or project, be sure to "write for the Web." Most people read their email on a mobile device and are scanning it for key points. They are not reading it as if it were printed. Keep emails short but include the "thank, inform, ask" rule.

We can create templates for letters and emails for you to use throughout an entire campaign or project.