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Communication Audits


As you grow your business or organization, your audience should grow with it. Your communications plan should be assessed periodically to satisfy both your external and internal audiences. This will help determine which of your communications tools are working well and which ones need attention. 

A communications audit will evaluate the effectiveness of all of your messages, both internal and external, to determine what to improve and how to do it. Let's talk about what to say, how to say it, and where to say it. 

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Writing Services

Writing services

Are all of your messages working together to attain your goals? Do they have a call to action? Do you need help writing copy for the web, emails, campaigns, letters, or social media? 

With so many communication platforms, writing can be a challenge for many institutions. What works for a blog does not necessarily work for a website, where the reader is more apt to scroll on by when confronted with large blocks of text. 

Campaign literature, such as letters and emails to prospective donors and supporters, also needs to be tailored for the recipient. Anything else is just wasted time and goodwill for the recipient. Follow up messages will determine the next call to action, whether the recipient has supported your organization recently, in the past, or not at all.

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SMS Text Marketing


Every one of your customers and supporters has a mobile phone, and all phones have a messaging app -- even flip phones! With a subscriber reach of 99%, why should you depend on email or social media alone, with a 10-20% open rate, to reach your audience?

SMS marketing is a no-brainer. If your customer asks you to contact them via texting, why wouldn't you? It's 100% opt-in, spam-free, and gets immediate results.

Let us show you how SMS marketing can pay for itself with as few as two responses from just one text message broadcast.

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